Asus G30AB menu unlock package

Content Description:

This tool package only for Asus G30AB and v0602 bios.

Follow the steps in below ,you will create a modified bios file and learn how to re-flash it back ,then you will get a bios screen of menu unlock .



Step1.>(dump bios from your machine)

Run dump.bat as administrator ,it will generate a bios dump that names
dump.rom , this bios file is exclusive for your machine.


Step2.>(replace modified module into bios dump)

a) Run UEFITool.exe and load dump.rom.

b)  Choose File=>Search to open search box ,then go into GUID tab then type 89940 and  press OK.

Then you will got.

c) Double click the search result then navigate to
899407D7-99FE-43D8-9A21-79EC328CAC21 , then extend it ,it now looks like below.


d) Right click 97E409E6-4CC1-11D9-81F6-000000000000 then choose Replace body... then load

97.bin , then choose File=>Save Image ,then save it as mod.rom ,now the modified bios is done.


Step3.>(change variable of BIOS Lock)

a) Copy folder "EFI" to a usb flash stick that was already format to fat32 then reboot system ,then boot this usb device as uefi model ,it will enter to GRUB sell environment.
You should now see a screen similar with below.

Type below commands and press enter on the Grub. Then you would get some message about address 0x8A offset to 0x0 ,this is we need.

setup_var Setup 0x8A 0x0

Exit GRUB shell.(type command reboot then press enter or press ctrl+alt+del)


Step4.>(re-flash the mod bios)

Return to operating system and try to run flash.bat as administrator to flash modded bios.
(If it meet any message about write protection ,please repeat step3.)


Done !




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