Run Command Prompt as Adminstrator

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In most cases ,we don't need give command prompt administrator privileges to launch other tool ,but the widely bios tool that we use , e.g. Afuwin or Intel FPT tool  ,need run them as administrator to avoid unknown issue.

The following describes three methods to run cmd as administrator .(Working environment is windows10 x64 )

Create shortcut in desktop | Use start button | Use Run box    

Method1 : Create shortcut in desktop

     Right click in desktop ,then choose New > Shortcut ,The create Shortcut dialog box appears ,paste
%windir%\system32\cmd.exe in the box.

     Press next ,enter the shortcut's name ,the default name is cmd , press the completion, there is a shortcut of cmd
     in the desktop.



      Run as administrator。






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   Method2 : Use Start button

       Press start button and type cmd.


          You can see command prompt appear in lists.


      Run it as administrator.




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Methos3 : Use Run box

       Press windows key + R to launch Run box and type cmd.


        Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to execute the command prompt with administrator privileges





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